Our TOP 20 braiding hairstyles – 20th place

Who says that braided hairstyles are boring? This is medium long and sets the flat braided head spectacularly in scene!

Braids make every day something special

Whether romantic dinner with your partner, the Christmas party with your colleagues or the annual Kirtag visit – a braiding will always ensure that you stand out from the crowd. At a public event (wedding, christening, etc.) you will feel just unique with your special styling. Even if you have a pony, a braided hairstyle provides variety.

With these preparations, the braid will be perfect

The better the hair of a woman, the better – that’s right! Unless you have a braid hairstyle in mind. This works best if your hair was not washed on the same day. Before starting, you should thoroughly brush your hair. Small nodules can later become a painful test of patience for you and your braiding master. So that the hair is grippy and the hairstyle holds long, it is worthwhile to apply a little mousse. If you have a clear idea of ​​where your crown should sit, you can already prepare for this step. For very thick, firm or frizzy hair, it is worth bringing this with a flat iron in the appropriate form beforehand.

You need these tools:

  • A brush that is suitable for your hair
  • A stalk comb to make a nice part
  • Possibly styling foam for the hair structure
  • The hair color corresponding hair elastics and Schiebespangen if something slips
  • Hair spray to fix the hairstyle
  • If necessary, straightening iron to tame the mane

Useful tips for braided hairstyles that sit the whole day and survive a party night

  • Wash hair the day before (without conditioner)
  • Thoroughly comb hair – preferably with an antistatic brush
  • As firm as possible braiding – the hairstyle then loosens itself anyway

The most popular braided hairstyles – conjured upside down in an instant!

Braided hairstyle on the head and head

You do not have to call Rapunzel to wear a beautiful braided hairstyle. Even with short hair, a braiding pattern can be wonderful. With an artistic layering of hair and color accents, you are guaranteed to attract tense glances. If you want to get annoying hair from the neck of a bun, a braid on the lower back of the head is wonderful.

The Gretchenzopf

The Gretchenzopf, also known as pawn wreath, was originally a typical Dirndlfrisur. Here, a plaited braid is artfully braided around the head. Meanwhile, this hair trend has established itself as a cult hairstyle at folk festivals and traditional costumes. At the Oktoberfest the Gretchenzopf is more popular than ever. Everywhere you look, the traditional braided hair flares out. It gives the traditional outfit of a woman that certain something.

Braids with flowers

The flowery-playful version in combination with pigtail hairstyles is a popular look, especially at summer festivals. Floral wreaths and chains of colorful flowers provide the mega eye-catcher at every party. The so-called “boho look” can be seen more and more often at weddings of young couples.

The classic braid

He is the hairstyle if annoying hair is to get out of your face and looks even more stunning! Here’s how it works: Separate the hair into three equal strands. First, put the strand from the far right over the middle strand. Then do the same with the left strand. Repeat this process until a nice cable pattern is created. The braid is one of the few braided hairstyles that a woman can easily manage on her own. The slightly more childlike version with the two pigtails is in no way inferior to the original version! How it works? Simply the same procedure times two!


Making a fishbone braid yourself is not that easy. If it’s possible – get help from a friend. Here’s how it works: Split your hair in half. Lay a thin strand from the left on the right side and a thin strand from the right on the left side. This process should be repeated until the typical artful herringbone pattern is created. Even the so-called Half-Braid, where only part of your hair is braided into the braid, looks fantastic in combination with the herringbone braid!

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