Our TOP 15 Balayage Hairstyles – 15th place

Balayage Hairstyles – # 15: Balayage very soft, together with soft waves very feminine and attractive ✔ The highlights trend from France

Highlights trend from France: Balayage

Color reflections and light shades in the hair, highlights that look like kissed by the sun: Balayage highlights are just in vogue! But while the natural color look has long been celebrated in France, subtle color technology has only been a must-have on our heads for about a year. But what is Balayage exactly? And where is the difference to other strands and coloring techniques?

Of course, thanks to balayage

The staining technique Balayage produces streaks of different thickness, length and intensity. The term as well as the technology itself come from France and means something like “sweeping”. This refers to the stitching technique that the hair stylist hands-free with a brush and in a movement similar to sweeping on the hair. The result is a very natural-looking highlight-look that leaves the hair bleached by the sun, sea and wind – and that looks very individual and unique on every head.

The effect of the Strähnchentechnik Balayage

Fine or stronger contrasts: the targeted brushing of the paint not only visually creates more volume, which can vary greatly depending on the hair type and coloration. The beneficial contouring effect around the facial features is a particularly attractive highlight of the balayage technique, which is created by the harmonious interplay between light and dark shades. For example, the cheekbones can be very favorably placed in the best light by strands placed at that height of the face. If one chooses a darker color, the countenance looks subtly diminished. Balayage is therefore not only a sophisticated play of colors for hair and hairstyle – the technology also makes it possible to skilfully model the face and, thanks to accentuated high and low lights, to create a natural overall work of art.

Balayage – Haute coiffure for color artists

place hairstyles balayage
(Source: C: EHKO)

Only savvy hairdressers get on the Balayage Strähnchentechnik. Because in contrast to the conventional Strähnchentechnik, where the individual hair parts are divided, dyed from beginning to tip and then wrapped with aluminum foil, Balayage strands are applied freehand and in different lengths and thickness. This not only requires a fingertip sensation from the hairdresser, but also a clear vision of the overall impression that subsequently emerges – and which must match the wearer’s facial features. The hairline is cut out and the coloration in the length and – depending on the desired effect – given to the tips to achieve great effects and smooth transitions. Good balayage strands can be recognized by the flowing, soft color gradient, which completely excludes hard contrasts and gently frames the face.

Hair colors for balayage strands

Balayage is almost a color art for the hair. Accordingly, there are hardly any limits to creativity. Whether you want to lighten your own hair color partially by a few nuances or give a brunette mane golden accents – everything goes, nothing must! Even black hair can get an exciting kick thanks to balayage strands, for example with softly contoured reds or soft chocolate browns. The Balayage technique opens almost limitless color worlds, as long as you know how to deal with it!

Balayage: not just for long hair

place hairstyles balayage
(Source: Frisör Klier)

Although the balayage effect is certainly the most impressive in a whale – Balayage tresses are not only suitable for long hair, but also wonderful for a ladies short haircut: Thanks to the freestyle technique, the color accents can be matched to both the haircut and the hair structure become. So does a classic bob or a stage shag, offset with balayage strands, just a lot more trendy! But the shorter the tuft, the more important the skill of the hair stylist is: in contrast to long hair, where there is plenty of room for details and the movement of the mane does its part to give movement to the color artwork, short hair with balayage Stresses are worked very accurately and accurately to achieve the natural, sun kissed effect.

As for hair care, the same applies to hair with balayage strands as any other colored hair. You can find out more here: www.friseur.com/haircare.html

place hairstyles balayage


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