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# 15: Trendy and chic presents this cool Ombré look for women who like to be fashion-conscious and modern present: The dark tips are a refined highlight!

Ombré Hair: refined to the tips

Ombré – this hairstyling transforms plain long hair into a wild mane. The color gradient in the hair, ranging from the dark to the bright tips, is not only a summer surfer trend, but also super-practical: Regular neck dyeing or the careful lamination with hats, caps or hats have become obsolete. Long live the imperfection – and the natural hair color that likes to spread to cheek height!

Hairstyling in ombré look

Thanks to the casual ombré look of a hairdresser named Harry Josh. Among them was Giselle Bündchen, one of his customers, who preferred to wear her hair bleached by the sun – just as it was natural in her native Brazil. Her ombré hairstyling and various other models caught the eye of the US Beauy boss of “Vogue”, who then reported extensively on him and Ombré Strähnen in her magazine. This was not only the starting signal for Harry Josh’s career, but also for the bright Ombré trend look, which has long since thrilled not only models and celebrities.

Ombré strands: deliberately “undone”

ombre hairstyles

Are you in the process of growing your bleaching out? Wonderful, then you get the ombré effect, so to speak, for free! The trend is namely the visible approach – and may or may even be shown! But even those who have a uniform hair color and now fancy Ombré, can try the bright summer strands. Because this look imitates the changes that the hair of surfers and beach girls by the bleaching effect of sun and sea water and which look so natural. For Ombré Hair, the lower part of the hair is lightened, while the hair on the neck and top of the head remains untouched or colored in a darker tone if the contrast does not seem sufficient.

It is important that between the two hair colors in Ombré strands comes to a smooth transition. Ombré Hair is the subtler version of the Dye Dye Hair Styling, where the difference between two hair colors is intentionally staged. The transition in Ombré strands succeeds with light, very fine strands, which are pulled upward in the direction of the darker hair.

Gradients in all variations for Ombré hair

ombre hairstyles

Whether from soft caramel tones to soft honey blond, dark brown latte macchiatto brown, which changes to a chocolate brunette, or wheat blond turns into bright beach blonde – the great thing about ombré streaks is that the hair is generally not fully stressed by the color scheme, because the approach has to be colored every few weeks. Ombré hair is therefore not only trendy but also easy to clean! You should pay particular attention to the tips: You should be treated to a rich hair mask on a regular basis to keep it soft and supple and to avoid brittle, damaged hair ends.

Cool looks for Ombré hair

ombre hairstyles

Of course, medium to long hair with Ombré streaks looks particularly spectacular. But a more sophisticated half-up hairstyling, in which a part of the hair is pinned up and the other light, loose and open, is a real hairstyling eye-catcher. Even a fragrant Chignon or an updo with as accidentally falling strands fits perfectly with the natural statement, which conveys Ombré Hair.

Also very cool: the Long Bob , punctuated by bright strands of Ombré look that take the classic hairstyles of the rigor and give the look a delicate two-tone color scheme. Not for nothing Ombré means “shadow hair” – and is a look in which casual beach wave flair can be easily combined with great hair styling!

ombre hairstyles


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