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Beard growth can be full of surprises. Facial hair can grow or not grow in unexpected places as well as in different colors. Whiskers are often lighter, redder or grayer than hair on the head. Sometimes this can be very attractive, adding a distinction or a unique look.

In other cases, the beard may appear patchy or add unwanted years to your appearance. If shaving is not an option, it’s time to do something. Get great results Beard Color Guide .

guide coloring beard

1. Choose a dye

All beard colorants are semipermanent, ie they wash out and do not grow out. The color fades gradually with each shampoo, so that the life of the color is extended by simply rinsing the beard. Some people may recommend that you use normal hair dye for whiskers, but permanent dyes will outgrow which requires careful attention to the roots and ultimately requires more time and effort than re-applying one of the following best beard colors every 4-6 weeks.

Only for men is the best known and most popular brand. You probably saw the row of dark beards in the supermarket. It comes in 11 colors from dark blond to deep black and comes in an easy-to-use gel formula.

RefectoCil is a professional product commonly used in salons to dye eyebrows, eyelashes and “sensitive areas”. The cream hair color may be a more sensitive option for beards. Combine colors to create your own shade.

Redken for men 5-minute Color Camo is an early professional product that is now available at home. A 5-10 minute application covers the gray effectively, but not completely, increasing the salt content of the pepper. If you do not want to dye your beard at home, this service is available in some salons.

2. Choose a beard color

As you have noticed during an idle stroke, whiskers are a different animal than hair on the head. It is coarser, rougher and drier. Therefore, it is more difficult for dye to absorb. Some men swear to use a paint lighter that does not achieve the desired result and apply it twice. However, the best strategy is to use a darker dye for less time. The color will hold better, especially for gray hair, and last longer.

In general, it is never a good idea to use a deep black hair, even if you have the right hair. Black hair color is obvious and also makes the skin pale. Instead choose a dark brown that adds flattering warm tones and does not overwhelm your face.

3. Preparations for dyeing

Drugstore hair dyes contain ingredients that can irritate the skin. Some men have reported reactions from mild rashes to chemical burns. To find out if you are allergic, just do this patch test . Apply a small amount of dye, about half a teaspoon, to the inside of the arm near the elbow. Wait 48 hours to see if there is a reaction. If the skin is red, itchy, or irritated in any way, remove the color immediately and choose one of the gentler options (see # 5 below) .

If you do not respond to the patch test, it’s time to dye your beard. Avoid shampooing or conditioning before applying the dye. Residues left behind block the ink pickup.

Next apply a thin layer of Vaseline around the beard on the neck and cheeks to protect against discoloration and staining. Your kit should have plastic or rubber gloves, but if not, wear something to dye your fingers. Dish gloves also work, but can limit dexterity and sensation in the fingertips, possibly leading to a sloppy staining treatment.

4. Application

Most beard dye kits contain a brush. If you do not have one, a toothbrush is an excellent tool to brush paint through whiskers. The goal is to completely cover the beard without covering the skin.

If you are using the “lighter dye” option, follow the instructions and remove the dye at the specified time. Evaluate the results and reapply. Check the progress after a few minutes. The second application will probably take more time than the first, so monitor closely.

For the darker dye option, check every few minutes by removing the dye on a small area with a damp paper towel. Check carefully until you are satisfied with the color. It’s fine if the hair is a shade darker than expected, the color will disappear after one or two washes. Checking the color is also important in several applications. Over time, the beard can take on color faster.

When finished, rinse the beard until the water is clear.

If you are dissatisfied with the results, a clarifying shampoo strips the color.

5. Natural beard coloring options

If you fail the patch test or deal with chemical dyes, there are excellent natural beard dye options. Henna is a vegetable dye that has been used for centuries and is available in many different colors. Look for natural formulas that are free of unnecessary and irritating chemicals. It’s not that effective at covering gray and does not take that long, but that’s a small price to pay for healthy, blister-free skin. Henna softens and thickens the hair, resulting in a better beard all around.

To apply henna beard paint, start with a clean, dry beard and apply Vaseline around the beard and put on gloves to avoid stains. Mix the powder with warm tap water to make a paste. The goal is a ratio of powder to water of 2: 1. Brush the beard carefully with the paste and make sure that no hair protrudes. The paste covers the hair in a thick layer. Let the dye work for at least one hour.

guide coloring beard

With Henna Jet Black will not be an overwhelming color. This may be the best option to keep African American beards dark.

Warning : Applying black or brown henna to a white or gray beard turns green! This is just a phase and the dye will take. Leave the dye all day or overnight for best results.

Henna should last 4-8 weeks. Rinse the color instead of washing the beard. If it fades faster, repeat it more often. Fortunately, the gentle formula means re-applying, even day after day, to achieve the right color will not harm the skin. Some of the best henna dyes for beards are:

Male guy is natural and comes with everything you need to dye your beard.

Surya Henna is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested in an easy to apply cream.

Harvest Moon is ultra fine for a smooth paste and 100% henna.

6. Mustache wax

For men who seek only a touch of color, the easiest, no obligation, is to go tinted mustache wax . Formulas typically use henna, which darkens over time as the wax softens and thickens the hair. Apply the wax like any hair product and rub it between your hands to heat it up and pull it evenly through the beard. Use a beard brush or comb to shape the beard as desired. Add more wax to get creative.

Get Imperial Barber Blacktop Pomade two for one. This unique toned hair product enhances dark shades of hair or covers gray. Unlike hair color, Blacktop Pomade maintains color variations for a natural look. It is formulated for the head but would work well for facial hair as long as you enjoy the light scent.

Firehouse Mustache wax is handmade in Mississippi and available in Light, Dark and “Wacky Tacky”.

Dandy Candy Tinted Mustache Wax comes in light brown, red and deep black shades with natural oils to add shine, moisture and conditioning. Repeated use of wax can cause the shampoo to not wash out. Use it with your Wicked Cookie Duster Mustache Wax Remover & Conditioner to remove wax and keep your beard fresh.

7. A healthy beard

Hair color is known to dry hair. Keep your beard healthy and try the Esquire Grooming Awards winners Billy Jealousy Beard and Beard Control to soften, hydrate and strengthen the beard and provide support and control.

guide coloring beard


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